FAQ on the BOOMERanG Result

revised 4/24/00 1. How important are the results? 2. Have we proven inflation occurred? 3. What is the meaning of the "missing" second peak? 4. Do we now know the fate of the Universe?

5. I've heard that the position of the first peak actually implies the Universe is not flat but closed. Is this true? 6. I've heard the higher peaks loosely referred to as "overtones". How precise is the analogy? 7. You measure the curvature of the universe by comparing the angular scale of the peak to the physical scale of the peak. The former is measured, but how do you know the latter? 8. Can you tell me more specifically how baryonic matter (ordinary matter) suppresses the second peak? 9. What is the MAP Satellite and when will it be launched? 10. I need a more basic description of the peaks. Where can I find background information about the CMB?