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Fast WMAP Likelihood Code and GSR PC Functions

Cora Dvorkin & Wayne Hu

Optimized WMAP7 likelihood code for multicore systems: OMPed loops and bottlenecks removed in the following codes:

Update for the WMAP9 likelihood code

Speed improvements apply to the Gibbs low-l TT likelihood, Master TT/TE/EE likelihood

Supplies an approximate replacement for the low-l polarization pixel likelihood based on a 2 band EE approach

See Dvorkin & Hu (2010) for speed and accuracy tests. After first evaluation typical improvement in speed is ~5xNcore

5 principal component (PC) functions of the GSR source function for determining the PC amplitudes of a model. [eta(Mpc), S1, ... S5]

20 principal component (PC) analysis


[1] ''CMB Constraints on Principal Components of the Inflaton Potential,'' Dvorkin & Hu (2010) PRD, 82, 043513, 1007.0215
[2] ''Complete WMAP Constraints on Bandlimited Inflationary Features,'' Dvorkin & Hu (2011) PRD, submitted