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Radiative Processes

Astro 305
MTh 3:00-4:30 AAC 107

The textbook for this course is Rybicki and Lightman: Radiative Processes in Astrophysics J. Wiley 1979. Please purchase this book from Amazon or your local bookstore. Grades will be based on problem sets (50%), in class open notes midterm (20%) and in class open notes final (30%).

Problem Sets

Problem sets will be a mix of RL (solutions in the back) and 1 or 2 supplementary problems per week.

Problem Set 1 (due Oct 4)
Problem Set 2 (due Oct 11)
Problem Set 3 (due Oct 18)
Problem Set 4 (due Oct 25)
Problem Set 5 (due Nov 8)
Problem Set 6 (due Nov 15)
Problem Set 7 (due Nov 22)

Supplemental Notes

We will be taking the RL chapters slightly out of order and in the sequence of the following class notes

Radiative Transfer

Statistical Mechanics

Thermal Physics

Thermodynamic Equilibrium

Classical E&M and Plasma Effects

Relativity [for review, likely omitted in lectures]


Classical and Semiclassical Oscillator

Compton Scattering