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University of Chicago

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Intro to Cosmology [243] Cosmology I [legacy 321] Cosmology II [321] Current Topics [282] Galaxies and Universe [242] Radiative Processes [305] Research Preparation [307] GR Perturbation Theory [408] CMB [448] Cosmic Acceleration [449]


Date Title/PDF Place Size
May 2021 What's the Matter with the CMB CERN 5.3MB
June 2019 CosmoGold or How I learned to (stop worrying) love tension (LCDM) IAP, Paris 2.2MB
March 2019 Complete CMB Constraints from Large-Angle Polarization Aspen 5MB
July 2017 CMB Polarization Theory Varenna, Italy 22MB
January 2016 Dark Energy (part of KICP futures series) KICP, Chicago 5MB
December 2015 Massive Gravity: Trouble with Metrics JGRG25, Kyoto 19MB
April 2014 H0 is Undervalued STScI 6.5MB
March 2014 Priming the BICEP Chicago 12MB
October 2013 Foiling LCDM Chicago 9MB
August 2010 Principal Components and Paradigm Falsification Benasque, Spain 9MB
April 2010 Cosmic Acceleration: Dark Energy v Modified Gravity Perimeter Institute 9MB
December 2009 CMB Anisotropy Sao Paulo, Brazil 18MB
Jan 2009 Secondary CMB Anisotropy I, II, III Los Cabos, Mexico 30+MB
August 2008 Cosmic Acceleration from Modified Gravity: f(R), A Worked Example Madison, WI 3.8MB
July 2008 Temperature and Polarization Anisotropy Spectrum Heraklion, Crete 6+8MB
June 2008 Parameterizing Modified Gravity Models of Cosmic Acceleration Ann Arbor, MI 5.5MB

Lecture Notes

Date Title/PDF Place Size
July 2018 Generalized Slow Roll in the Effective Field Theory of Inflation YITP, Japan 2.6MB
December 2014 Lectures: Temperature and Polarization; Perturbation Theory; Inflation; Power Spectrum Phenomenology KIPMU, Japan 6.8MB
November 2007 CMB Temperature and Polarization Anisotropy: 1 2 3 4 Tenerife, Spain 7.5MB
June 2002 Linear Perturbation Theory Trieste, Italy 1.5MB
June 2002 Halo Model Trieste, Italy 1.5MB
December 2002 Cosmic Microwave Background Fundamentals U. Chicago 0.4MB


Date Title/PDF Place Size
November 2005 KICP Theory 2001-2005 NSF Site Review, Chicago 11MB
June 2005 KICP Theory04 EAB Meeting, Chicago 4MB

Legacy Talks

Date Title/PDF Place Size
April 2008 Ghosts of CMB Past, Present, Future Avignon, France 11MB
May 2007 Cosmological and Solar System Tests of f(R) Cosmic Acceleration McMaster/Perimeter 1.9MB
Novermber 2006 Toward a Parameterized Post Friedmann Description of Cosmic Acceleration NYU 1.5MB
August 2006 Gravitational Lensing of the CMB Leiden 2MB
February 2006 Why H0 is the Dark Energy NRAO 1.6MB
March 2005 Self-Calibration of Cluster Counts: Observable-Mass Distribution Kona 1MB
September 2004 NeoClassical Probes of The Dark Energy Cosmo04 Toronto 5MB
April 2004 Cosmic Mysteries: The Dark Energy (37MB!!) Adler Planetarium 37MB
March 2004 Dark Energy Probes in Light of the CMB and version including ISW Tuscon, Berkeley 1.4MB
March 2004 The Physics of CMB Polarization or shorter KIPAC version and 2005 updated FNAL version Chicago/KIPAC 7.1MB
January 2004 Power Spectrum Tests of Dark Energy NASA/Goddard 0.7MB
October 2003 CMB: Panel Questions for the Future (Theory) Case Western Reserve U 0.8MB
September 2003 The CMB: Ringing in the New Cosmology (Layman's CMB: WARNING 34MB!) CfCP & Adler Planetarium 34MB
May 2003 Redshifting Rings of Power Michigan 2MB
March 2003 Secondary Polarization: Reionization and Gravitational Lensing Minnesota 5MB
February 2003 The AfterMap EFI Minisymposium 2/14/03 7.5MB
December 2002 The Silk Damping Tail of the CMB Oxford joe@60 4.5MB
December 2001 Dark Energy in the CMB CfCP, U Chicago 1.5MB
July 2001 The Shear Power of Weak Lensing Cambridge 1.5MB
January 2000 Warner Lecture (intermediate CMB) AAS, San Diego 8.6MB
October 2002 CMB Observables and Their Cosmological Implications College Park, Maryland 2.3MB
Aug/Oct 2002 Gravitational Lensing and the Dark Energy: Future Prospects   Short Fermilab version SLAC,Fermilab 6.7MB, 3.0MB
May 2002 Physics of Secondary Anisotropies U Chicago 5.2MB
June 2001 The Physics of CMB Polarization EFI, CfCP 2.5MB
December 2000 The Physics of CMB Anisotropies (advanced CMB) Erice, Sicily 5.3MB
May 2000 Ringing in the New Cosmology (CMB post BOOMERanG) DOE, U. Chicago 1.1MB
January 2000 The Physics of CMB Anisotropies (short version) Moriond 1.3MB
November 1999 Y2.7K RESCUE, Tokyo 3.0MB
May 1999 CMB Anisotropies: Theory or Reality Fermilab 1.5MB
November 1999 Probing the Dark Side of Structure Formation, Long Version and Outakes Many Institutions 1.8MB
May 1998 Toward Observationally Determining the Nature of the Dark Energy Fermilab 200KB
October 1996 Introduction to the CMB (Layman's CMB) Institute for Advanced Study 3.0MB