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Student Projects

Dead links from old projects have been removed.


Integrated Late ISW Effect and CMB/LSS Cross-Correlation Alessandro Manzotti
Squeezing the CMB Alan Zablocki
Studying Extragalactic Point Sourcs with the SPT Monica Mocanu
Galileon Cosmology Yin Li
Features in DBI Inflation Vinicius Miranda
Analytical Reionization Models and CMB Alexander Kaurov
Practical lessons in extracting cosmology from the CMB Benedikt Diemer
Measurement of CMB Damping Tail from SPT Kyle Story
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Tests Zubair Abdulla
Halo Model Vinicius Braganca
Particle Mesh N-body Benedikt Diemer
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Jennifer Helsby
Holographic Hogan Ohkyung Kwon
The SZ Effect Kerry Billings
Secondary Anisotropies Sam LaRoque
Gravitational Lensing in the CMB Ryan Scranton
Baryons in the CMB Craig Tyler



The SZ Effect Jason Henning
B Modes and QUIET Alex Sugarbaker
Cosmic Topology Taylor Aune
Foregrounds Maire Daly
Polarimetry Peter Hamlington
ISW Effect David Miller
Higher Dimensions Matthew Szydagis
Large Extra Dimensions Lindy Blackburn
Interferometry Julie Capodagli
The SZ Effect Ami Choi
TopHat Gwynne Crowder
Neutrinos Britt Lundgren
Foregrounds Benjamin Recchie
Dark Energy Matthew Wood