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Introduction to Cosmology

Astro 243
TTh 2:00-3:20 KPTC 309
Office Hours: Th 3:20-4:20

Grader: Rostom Mbarek

The textbook for this course is Ryden: Introduction to Cosmology 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press 2017.

Grades will be based on problem sets (50%), in class midterm (20%) and final (30%).


Expansion of the Universe, Ch 2
Cosmic geometry, Ch 3,6
Cosmic dynamics and composition, Ch 4,5
Dark matter and energy, Ch 5,7


Hot big bang and origin of species, Ch 9
Inflation, Ch 10
Cosmic microwave background, Ch 8
Gravitational instability and structure formation, Ch 11,12


Problem Sets

Problem sets will be posted here as the class progresses. Solution sets will be handed out in class.

PS 1

PS 2

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes to supplement the textbook (work in progress, finalized after each lecture)

Set 1: Expansion of the Universe

Set 2: Cosmic Geometry

Set 3: Cosmic Dynamics

Set 4: Dark Matter and Energy