The CMB and Cosmology

Astro 448

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The SZ Effect Kerry Billings
Secondary Anisotropies Sam LaRoque
Gravitational Lensing in the CMB Ryan Scranton
Baryons in the CMB Craig Tyler



This course will have a heavy emphasis on the theory of cosmic microwave background anisotropies.

Its goal is to provide students with a sufficient knowledge of their calculation in the standard cosmological model that they will be able to make custom modifications to the calculations with the help of CMBfast.

I will be using Scott Dodelson's book as a reference source. Copies will be made available to registered students.


Requirements for this course are the 300 level cosmology series in the Astronomy and Astrophysics department (or suitable graduate level introduction to cosmology).

There will be approximately 1 problem per lecture as homework. You may opt to present a research project on the web instead. You have until Jan. 22 to decide which option to take. I recommend that those of you that really want to understand the calculations should do the problem sets.

Problem Sets

Lecture Notes

Aside from lecture 1, you will find mostly scanned in hand-written viewgraphs here (I still have a low-tech side!). I will not be distributing copies in class but you are free to download them and print them out yourself. They will be posted at least 1 day before the lecture itself.

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